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Math in EBooks

Electronic books (ebooks) are used more and more in education and mathematics is an important part of this. Design Science is working with the publishing community, ebook standards organizations, and reading system vendors to ensure that mathematical notation is handled optimally. more>

Math on the Web

Design Science has several products that allow you to publish web pages containing mathematics. Read this section to learn more about the kinds of web pages you can create, strategies for creating them, and which products and technologies are required.  more>

White Papers

White papers are short, somewhat technical, documents that express Design Science's position on a technology.  In addition, we publish Math on the Web: A Status Report to give you an objective report about available Math on the Web software and what to shop for while investigating long-term software solutions.  more>

Recent Articles

Researchers at Design Science have produced a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals and trade magazines.  This page provides links to some of our recent publications.  more>

MathType SDK

The MathType SDK is available to developers who want to write software that makes use of MathType's capabilities. Applications include customizing the special commands that MathType installs into Microsoft Word, modifying MathType's translators, and extending MathType's knowledge of fonts and characters.  more>

MathML Test Suite

Here you'll find our own version of the of the official W3C MathML 2.0 Test Suite with additional tests that exercise features of MathPlayer, our free MathML display engine for the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.  more>

Enhancing Searching of Mathematics

Design Science has launched a project aimed at enhancing search technology for science, technical and medical documents.  The project is funded in part by a National Science Foundation grant awarded to Design Science through the National Science Digital Library program.  more>

Making Mathematics Accessible

To address the needs of people with visual impairments, Design Science is working to make technical and medical documents more accessible.  The project is funded in part by a National Science Foundation grant awarded to Design Science through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.  more>

Expanding Audio Access to Mathematics Expressions by Students with Visual Impairments via MathML

Design Science has partnered with ETS on a three year Institute of Education Sciences development grant to significantly improve accessibility of mathematical content in the classroom. The three main areas of focus are improved speech, the ability to navigate larger math equations, and to allow math to be read in Word documents. To learn more about these efforts and the progress we've made, see the grant status pages.

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